Our Business Model

Edrington is a business headquartered in Scotland but international in its composition. With over 60% of staff based overseas it has its focus firmly on the opportunities for international development of its premium spirits brands.

The company’s business model has always had social responsibility at its core. When the Robertson sisters transferred their shareholding, and therefore their ownership, in Edrington to the newly formed Robertson Trust in 1961, their ingenuity ensured that Edrington would remain independent and its history of philanthropy would continue.

Their legacy is alive and well in Edrington’s international community, where the company donates a portion of profits to good causes chosen by staff in its overseas offices.


The company believes this model sets Edrington apart from its competition. The strong values of the organisation are complemented by its highly rated premium brands. Edrington is a brand-building company with a strong track record of investing in both consumer marketing and the operational assets to bring those brands closer to consumers. The Macallan, Brugal, The Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark, and Highland Park have all benefited from long-term investment to drive growth ahead of their categories.

People are the final ingredient in the business model. Edrington people are enterprising people. They enjoy a flexibility afforded by a short decision tree. Private ownership allows Edrington to be quick in its decision-making but long range in its planning. 

With its unique ownership, envied brands, and enterprising workforce, Edrington continues to be a distinctive, independent force in international premium spirits.