Working with Edrington



Edrington's recruitment process is designed to provide us with the very best employees and applicants will be selected solely on the basis of their ability. We aim to have an approved and evaluated profile for every position, so applicants will be judged against clear, fair, objective criteria. The company welcomes applications from all backgrounds.

Our benefits packages are tailored in each of our locations worldwide. They compare favourably with our competitors and include a competitive salary and attractive benefits.

As part of our commitment to our communities, Edrington encourages fund-raising for charitable causes by pledging to match employee fundraising.




At every level of the company discussions around training needs form an important part of the annual performance review process.

Although training needs and development activities vary across markets, training provision generally includes specific and bespoke training for departments in specialist areas and ongoing refresher training.

In a typical year, ‘on the job’ training in production areas is backed up by more functional specific development activities in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, IT and courses in skill areas such as project management, coaching, leadership development, negotiation skills, influencing and many more. 


Social scene

Edrington has a long-established reputation for involving its workforce in a variety of sports and social activities throughout the year. Wherever they are in the world, we aim to make each of our colleagues feel a valued part of the Edrington family.