The Robertson Trust

The Robertson Trust is the largest independent grant-making trust in Scotland. The majority of its income is derived from Edrington dividends.

It was established by the three Robertson sisters in 1961 in response to a series of hostile takeover attempts. In order to ensure the long term independence of their interests and protect the welfare of their employees, and to continue their tradition of charitable giving, they donated their business interests to the charitable trust.



Inspired by the example of its three remarkable founders, The Robertson Trust aims to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities in Scotland. It does this by responding th need and disadvantage, and by building the capacity and sustainability of charitable organisations. Every year it funds and supports charitable organisations of all sizes, committed to achieving positive change for individuals and communities across Scotland.

Last year the Robertson Trust awarded more than £17 million to 704 charities in Scotland. Since its inception in 1961 the Trust has given more than £165 million to charities.