Environmental Policy

Edrington is committed to actions that will improve the sustainability of our industry and the natural environment upon which it relies.

Environmental policy 

The company is a key supporter of the Scotch Whisky Association’s environmental strategy. For more information on the strategy and progress reports, visit the Scotch Whisky Association online.

Edrington’s support for the keynote commitment: to ensure that 20% of our industry’s primary energy requirements will be delivered from non-fossil fuel sources, has increased significantly with with the opening of a new biomass energy plant in 2013.


In the Dominican Republic, Edrington has invested in a project to recover and reuse bottles for the domestic market. Bottles are reused or submitted for recycling and plastic caps are sent for recycling. The project quadrupled the number of recyclable bottles, repaid its initial investment and created 70 new jobs, all in a single year.

Edrington makes the largest investment in sherry oak casks in the industry. The University of Vigo studied the condition and viability of the oak forests of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria and concluded that the forests are naturally regenerating and allowing for our use of sustainably sourced oak wood for casks. The study found that there is a net annual increase of 500,000 cubic metres of oak wood, and that over a ten year period the stock of European oak growing in Galicia had increased by 67%, providing a sink for carbon dioxide and conserving biodiversity.