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Edrington's ownership model is unique in its industry. The company's principal shareholder is The Robertson Trust, which was established in 1961 by the three Robertson sisters, who donated their shares in the businesses founded by their grandfather.


Elspeth, Agnes and Ethel Robertson wished to ensure that the family business remained active and independent, and that it would continue to give support they had given to charities.


The Robertson Trust uses its dividends from Edrington to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities in Scotland. To date, it has given more than £230 million to charities in Scotland and it is now the country's largest independent grant-making trust.


To learn more about the Robertson sisters and the remarkable trust they created, visit The Robertson Trust website.


Giving More

Giving More Together

Edrington's employees in Scotland can sign up to be Robertson Trust Ambassadors, the team that advises and encourages their colleagues about the opportunities under the Giving More scheme. Through the Giving More Together scheme, The Robertson Trust and Edrington both match the charitable fundraising of employees; £1 raised for charity by an Edrington employee becomes £3 after additional contributions from The Robertson Trust and Edrington. 

In 2016/17 the total raised and donated by Edrington employees to good causes in Scotland was £540,000.


Giving More to Education

Through Brugal, Edrington funds The Brugal Foundation, which supports development and reduces poverty in the Dominican Republic. The Foundation's chief focus is on making quality education available to talented students who face financial hardship. The Brugal Foundation has now supported almost 300 scholars in the last 11 years.

Giving More International

Within Edrington's international business, we have developed our Giving More programme to bring the spirit of the Robertson sisters' generosity to life for employees around the world.

Edrington's International Giving More fund donates 1% of pre-tax earnings to charities chosen by employees outside Scotland.

In 2016/17 donations were valued at £1.57 million.

Since Giving More International was launched in 2012/13, international charities have received donations valued at over £5.5 million.


Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility

Edrington is committed to the highest standards of governance and corporate citizenship. Our sustainability and responsibility programme is structured to reach across its operations from the sourcing of raw materials to local consumer campaigns encouraging responsible consumption.

The sustainability and responsibility committee reflects Edrington's international business and represents Edrington's supply chain and procurement, corporate affairs, our international distribution network, and sales and marketing. The team drives Edrington’s social responsibility agenda, and the company believes that we work best when we work together. Edrington is pleased to be a contributing member of the UK Public Health Responsibility Deal, consistently beating targets on including responsibility messages on our products.


Responsible Marketing

Edrington directly funds and supports the Drinkaware campaign, and extends its commitment by training all employees working in sales, marketing and communication to adhere to the industry's highest standards, as adopted in the Edrington Marketing Code.


Code of Conduct

As a growing international company, Edrington complies with complex regulations across our business. Edrington’s ethos compels us to go further and to promote the highest standards of integrity, fairness and accountability in all our business dealings.

Edrington’s Code of Conduct affirms our values in business and explains these standards to our employees and business partners. In addition to the English language version, the Code of Conduct is also available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Americas Spanish, Dutch and French.

Read the Code of Conduct and Anti-corruption Policy, and how Edrington manages its Speaking up policy. Edrington's Anti-corruption and Speaking up policies are also available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Americas Spanish, Dutch and French by contacting Edrington.

Edrington's statement on slavery and human trafficking, pursuant to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, can be read here.


Gender Pay Gap


Edrington believes that the best results are achieved by great people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities and gender.

Our 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report can be read here.


 Tax Strategy Statement


Edrington's Tax Strategy statement for the year ending 31 March 2018 can be read here.



Environmental Policy

Edrington is committed to actions that will improve the sustainability of our industry and the natural environment upon which it relies.

Environmental policy 

We achieve more when we work togther.

Edrington structures its sustainability agenda around the Scotch Whisky Association's Environmental Strategy. Launched in 2009, the SWA strategy sets ambitious targets to drive sustainability, and it is considered to be the only one in Scotland to embrace an entire business sector.

You can learn more about the SWA strategy and the progress the industry is making together here.

Find out more about Edrington's environmental policies and performance in our Annual Report.


Brugal Foundation George Arzeno Centro image

Brugal Centro Educativo

The George Arzeno Brugal - Fe y Alegria school was built by the Brugal Foundation in 2009.

Brugal Foundation

The Brugal Foundation is dedicated to supporting education to improve the lives of Dominicans and the development of the Dominican Republic.

The Brugal Foundation was established in 1988 to support development and reduce poverty in its home country.

The Foundation's chief focus is on promoting quality education in the Dominican Republic and the Brugal Educational Fund invests in scholarships for talented students who face financial hardship.

The Brugal Educational Fund

Students are selected on the basis of their academic excellence, a proven commitment to their community and a desire to pursue a career that is a priority for the development of the Dominican Republic.



The Fund recognises that the barriers to a university education go beyond tuition costs, and so its scholarships also assist with travel expenses, books and materials.

In 2012, 69 students qualified for professions that will help to build the nation, including industrial engineering, chemistry, telematics, electronics and communication systems.

Over the past year, sponsorships totalling US$150,000 were awarded. This brings the value of scholarships granted since the Fund was created in 2006 to US$1.8 million, which has funded 278 young Dominican students so far.


The George Arzeno Brugal Fe y Alegría Education Centre

More than 400 children aged 5 to 12 continued their education at The George Arzeno Fe y Alegría Education Centre in the village of San Marcos last year. The Centre was built by the Brugal Foundation in 2009 and the Foundation continues as its sponsor, working with the Ministry of Education and Fe y Alegría, a local Catholic institution.

The teaching ranges are from pre-primary grade to 6th Grade. Unlike the traditional education model of the Dominican Republic, the Centre works extended hours, benefitting both the children and working parents.

Extracurricular courses include theatre, music, IT and English.